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Union city military base loot

The Waterside military base, a land of opportunity!

Last updated May 5, 2016.

Welcome to my profile!Edit

Welcome to my userpage, Wikia Contributor.
I know where you live. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Tell us about yourself.Edit

As of the most current update of this page, I am 14. Currently a highschool freshman. You could call me a typical Asian I suppose, 4.0 both semesters in all the highest classes at an already competitive school.

Things I find absurd:

  1. Gmail has a minimum age requirement of 13. What about electronic communication requires an age restriction such that those under 13 cannot register? What makes those younger than 13 so different from those older?
  1. Competence or being a long time player of a game with data save suddenly implies I'm a no lifer?. I beg to differ. It's honestly difficult to comprehend why people have such an irrational preconception. Being a veteran doesn't mean that one plays constantly. 

My main hobbies are playing my cello and video games (does that count?). Well, I used to play a lot of games, including little known flash games, but now I typically stick to the "meta" games (like League of Legends etc.). The most prominent games I do play are:

Minecraft I quit a month ago, was getting boring playing since 2011 and 1.9 (so called PvP Update) is cancer.

Roblox Not anymore.

The Last Stand Series Honestly, I haven't played the game with a full commitment since late 2015.

Need for Speed World was shut down July 14,2015 :(

Bloons Tower Defense stopped playing a long time ago

Team Fortress 2 200 hours and counting.

League of Legends Okay, I'm garbage at it, but I'm working on it ;) (please excuse my feeding)

How did you get here?Edit

Well, as I said before, I do play a lot of games.  And often, I have many unanswered questions about them.  For example, I might need to look up a crafting recipe for Minecraft, tips and tricks for the Last Stand, or some info about cars in Need for Speed.  I go to google and search up the wiki.  Since most of these games are quite big, they usually have a wiki.  As I looked up more wikis, I started to notice that all of them (minus the Minecraft wiki) used Wikia.  So I created an account on the roblox wiki using the username of the account that my friend had donated me to start me off in Roblox.

Wiki StuffEdit

I used to be an active-ish editor on the wiki. But the game itself has slowed down a lot, and I've pretty much not touched it for over a year, so there is that. I prefer source editor over visual editor, due to its flexibility and ease of editing in certain cases.

The Last Stand: Union CityEdit

If I could describe The Last Stand: Union City in one word, I would choose HARD. Why? Here are some reasons.

  1. Health is an issue. I put lots of points into Luck for good items and Strength to carry items. The result? My health suffers.
  2. Horde attacks happen regularly. Unlike TLS:DZ, noisiness is irrelevant. It happens regardless. Irritating because of the reason #1.
  3. High caliber ammunition is scarce. 9mm and shotgun shells are quite common, but 5.56 and 7.62 for the more powerful guns is difficult to obtain.
  4. Cash is always in short supply. For the aforementioned reason, I buy high caliber ammunition from King-o-Pawn. But I end up using all my money and not getting a lot of ammo.

I have completed Union City legitimately once. Most of the time I just play the hacked version at Arcadeprehacks.

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit

I was once considerably dedicated to The Last Stand: Dead Zone.  I'm level 30 something, don't know since I haven't checked in a long time. I currently have 10 survivors.  I used to raid a lot until about level 15, because then that's when there's a huge increase in available weapons, and people with lots of experience make better compound designs than the level 10 newbies.  I survived up until the level 9 infected attacks with uncommon Manning .22s and with 3 survivors before I realized I should use better guns.
Also I cri everytiem because my freaking inventory is full of vintage weapons that I can't bring myself to dispose of. They sit there, useless level 10 or so weapons, and use up a good chunk of my space, but they're no longer obtainable and might as well be relics of another age. They're so valuable to me that I can't get rid of them.

My The Last Stand: Dead Zone Character
My Statistics
Current level

30 something, haven't checked for a long time

In an alliance?


Player type?


I hangout at...

Lmao I don't even play the game anymore

I used to go on the trade channels for weapons and public chat, but I barely play at all now, so this doesn't really apply. Those were the days. The vets will remember the old chat channels like DZ0.



Please note this is from 2013, before premium supply boxes and the newer chat channels
Here is some knowledge I'll pass on to you that I learned in trading. Take this advice cautiously, I'm rewording this section in my edit, but I still haven't traded for YEARS.Please note I wasn't a frequent trader so my knowledge is a bit limited or incorrect in some ways.

  1. Premium weapons aren't worth !@#$#% on the trade market.
  2. HERC LVL-03 keycards are possibly the most demanded item in the market. [1]
  3. M24s and M107-CQs go for a LOT, since people value their power.
  4. Nobody will want to trade for a pistol (or SMG). Ever. Why? Pistols are outclassed in range, power, and fire rate by assault rifles, LMG's, and long rifles (sometimes).
  5. If you have a piece of crap you need to get rid of, recycle it. Unless you manage to dump it on some fool who wants it.

General MissionsEdit

If you're looking for XP:

  1. Equip books that increase zombie numbers/rare zombies.
  2. LMGs and assault rifles.
  3. Pick an ideal location.

Low level: Street
High level: Military Base, Large Park, Construction Site, etc.
High levels looking for the ultimate challenge, seek out your highest level Unknown Building. The amount of zombies cannot be overstated, so bring your heaviest firepower.
If you're looking for resources:
In order of most resources:

  1. Large Hardware Store [2]
  2. Depot (lacks Cloth)
  3. Construction Site (lacks Cloth)
  4. Warehouse (not resource specific place as much as it a more assortment of stuff plus some resources)

If you're looking for weapons:

  • Military Base (This is where the quality stuff comes from)
  • Large Park (Pretty good stuff here since there's military vehicles)
  • Security (Better weapons than police, since private security firm)
  • Street (Assortment of stuff)
  • Gun Store (Usually provides plain weapons, as you would expect)
  • Police Station (Usually provides common or maybe some uncommon weapons)
  • Unknown Building (If the map is a weapons place)

If you're looking for food:

If you're looking for medical items:


Tips on an ideal loadout....
Long Rifles are a staple of any raid.
LMGs for suppressing enemies.
Of course, you'll need a guy for melee, to smash those buildings down.
My loadout:

  1. Leader (for combat skills, level, and ability to heal)
  2. Scavenger (used as they're high level, probably better to bring another survivor)
  3. Recon (for fighting skills and trap spotting)
  4. Fighter (for fighting and suppressing)
  5. Engineer (melee, trap disarmer, building destroyer)

Survivors in my Last Stand: Deadzone Compound (listed in the order by which they arrived)Edit

  1. Trevor - Leader
  2. Jenna Ihara - Scavenger
  3. Monica Morgan - Recon
  4. Trevor Garcia - Fighter
  5. Phillip Kim - Scavenger
  6. Charles Yamaski - Engineer
  7. Brianna Glover -Medic
  8. Edgar Smith - Recon
  9. Erika Ross - Fighter
  10. Diana Young - Engineer

The following images were taken at Level 23. They are really outdated.

My important items in inventory stockEdit

(All of them are scavenged weapons unless stated otherwise)
Superior weapons

Elite Weapons:

Rare Weapons:

Unique Weapons:
Level 19 Bandolier (Son's Famine) -Obtained from trading
Infamous Weapons:
Yet to be acquired
Premium Weapons:

Gallery of AwesomenessEdit


  1. Honestly not sure about this since the advent of newer and better supply boxes
  2. This provides a balanced amount of wood, cloth, and metal. But Depots and Construction sites will provide wood and metal in much larger amounts than a large hardware store.
  3. 3.0 3.1 The second part of the name is the same though! :O
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