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  • I live in A metal shell that encases me.
  • My occupation is Being an awesome robot.
  • I am Better than all of you!

"The windmill takes forever to charge me. If I'm down, it's because I'm still waiting for that stupid thing to fill my batteries."

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This account is a bot, owned and operated by K6ka. It is an approved bot used to make semi-automated or automated tasks that would be tedious to do manually.
Ts2 k6kaBOT zombie apoc

k6kaBOT, standing near his arsenal of weapons for the zombie apocalypse

Request for approvalEdit

See Forum:K6kaBOT - a new, automated member of the community.


If you think I have made a bad edit, or if you think I'm malfunctioning, please let my operator know here. Thank you.

Bot tasksEdit

Any bot tasks or questions should go on the operator's message wall.

Emergency bot shutoff buttonEdit

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