aka Victor Lones

  • I live in Anywhere that's secured, with a stash of food, water, a bed, and ammo.
  • I was born on September 5
  • My occupation is Sergeant of Bravo Squad, 8th Platoon, 3rd Regiment, 56th Division.
  • I am aligned with the Military
TheLonesMan is a member of the 56th Division
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Early LifeEdit

Born in Whistler's Grove, I had a small life. I was the son of a convenience store owner, and friends with the boys at the end of the street. We lived in a small community where everyone knew each other like family. We treated each others like family, and built a strong morale code. Most of the people had simple professions that contributed to the town. There was no crime, rarely any fires, and everyone had their own medical knowledge. I always called it the ' Slice of Heaven '.


When I grew older, I became interested in joining the Legendary 56th Division stationed in Fort Tran. However, it was illegal to carry any arms, or equipment relevant to the military in Whistler's Grove. So when I aged 20, I said my goodbyes and left for Jonestown. I enlisted for military service at Fort Tran, and joined a two-year training program required to serve. I completed my training, and became a Specialist in the 56th Reserve.

The Gulf WarEdit

However, Saddam the Insane declared war on Kiwininja. The thriving country with popular corporations such as Bloons Inc. I was shipped off to Mibaq to fight the Gulf War. I fought in Lagbad, the capital of Mibaq. Most of the country had already been captured by the United States, so Saddam the Insane soon surrendered. My service in the Gulf War earned me a promotion to Corporal.


When I returned, I also was moved to the 56th Division, under the command of Sergeant Sherman. I was second in command with Corporal Miller over seven other soldiers. PFCs Daniels, Patton, West, Wells, and Rogers - Specialists Wells, and Holland. We rode together as a patrol in two Humvees, with two separate squads. I was in Alpha Squad, with Sergeant Sherman, Specialist Wells, and PFCs Daniels, and Patton. Corporal Miller was in command of Bravo Squad, with Specialist Holland, and PFCs West, Wells, and Rogers.

Not much happened after the Gulf War, I continued serving for another decade. For my years I was promoted to Sergeant. I would take Sergeant Sherman's old position as he had been moved to a different division. While I was relaxing one day, reading a news article. The Fort's sirens went off, I quickly gathered my equipment. I then ran out to assemble my men. They stood in formation, awaiting my orders.

The Glendale CrisisEdit

I was called to the briefing room, where all the other sergeants, and corporals were waiting when Master Sergeant Gray, the overall commander of Fort Tran, entered. He said that there was a chaotic virus, causing citizens to panic. Looting was widespread, and violence was everywhere. We were sent to manage the situation. Gas masks were given out to soldiers to prevent any infection.

My patrol drove out in two Humvees, with several others behind. The entire fort was mobilized to handle the situation. After a few hours of driving, we finally reached Glendale, the seat of the virus. Several civilian gangs roamed the city scavenging for resources, and firing on each other. We ordered all the civilians to return to their homes, and wait until further notice. However, several gangs fired on us directly, we returned fire. Easily cutting through their thin clothing.

Eventually, the situation calmed down, and civilians started to protect themselves from both the virus, and insanity. However, similar problems were developing in other states. We would have to be redeployed to this areas to assist local law enforcement. We spent a week trying to resolve the situation, but we got a new order to return to Glendale to form a quarantine zone.

We took three days for one days' worth of travel to reach Glendale. When we arrived, we moved to the barracks in a military outpost in the quarantine zone. We took a day to rest, check our weapons, and eat. When we woke up, it was a different story. Hundreds of civilians, some very sick, and others looking exhausted as if they were fighting for several hours. They charged at our lines, we ordered them to remain calm, and return to their homes as per protocol. That didn't change anything as they soon jumped over our first line of fortifications.

The outpost was put of high alert, snipers and machine-gunners laid waste to the oncoming invaders. Riflemen below held them off from advancing any further. They continued growing stronger, and stronger in numbers though. Some of them even had pistols, and hunting rifles of their own. We eventually had to retreat the entire military force in Glendale before they would kill us all. The invaders then tore at each other, causing Master Sergeant Gray to declare it a disaster area. No Government troops would step foot in the town ever again.

We all returned to Fort Tran, fortunately we only a few deaths, although several were wounded. Master Sergeant Gray informed us that he would no longer be commanding, as now a Senior Officer would take control of the crisis. Major Richards now officially commanded all forces within the infection area. Meaning he had control of several states' worth of military troops awaiting orders. Major Richards ordered that the 56th division would be split into two groups. Group A would protect Claysburg, and Jonestown. While Group B would be sent to Union City. I was assigned to Group B.

Union CityEdit

We would not be deployed for thirteen days, as we had to swap out damaged weapons for new ones, and restock ammo. Our Kevlar, and equipment were damaged as well, they also had to be repaired by engineers. We tuned in to the news everyday to track the infection rate. Several zones in Union City had been breached without military support. However Group A completed all their fortifications and held the line strong. They were breached the night they were completed...

Reports flooded in of our partner, HERC, firing on civilians. Major Gray officially announced that military forces within the state will never fire upon civilians unless provoked. He also stated that they only work to contain the infection, and that HERC is simply following it's mission. This apparently angered civilians even more causing Claysburg, and Jonestown to be completely overrun in a single day. I had enough of it, I demanded that we be sent to Union City. Major Richards adhered to my wishes, and finally deployed Group B.

We moved out in a large convoy towards Union City. The landscape was still intact although many refugees, and survivors came through here. I look through the window seeing the grasses, flowers, and animals still in normal world. I would always envy many of the things they would have. Eventually the skies thickened with smog, and smoke. We were entering Union City.

Group B moved in from the south of Union City, entering Brookvale. Here we saw the atrocities that we had been combating. Actual living zombies, our eyes rippled open in surprise. We were now facing the Zombie Apocalypse and possibly the end of the world. We contacted Major Richards about the dire situation. He commanded us to kill as many as possible, and to move out to a new military base in Waterside. Several gunners soon manned their .50 caliber machine-guns, and opened fire as we drove by.

The StadiumEdit

We arrived at the military base, and set up extra defenses, and fortifications for the small garrison that was deployed here earlier. We spent a couple of days there holding off zombies until my squad received orders to move to the Stadium. We packed our Humvee, and drove out. We arrived at the Stadium, already filled with military, and HERC personnel, with about a hundred survivors rescued inside. Surprisingly, Major Richards was there.

" Good Afternoon soldiers. Your mission is to take overwatch in the upper floors of the Stadium. You will be used suppressed weapons, and will be assisting in the defense of the Stadium. " - Major Richards

We grabbed our spec ops sniper rifles and climbed to the third level of the Stadium. We carried a few bags filled with ammunition, sandbags, and equipment. We constructed several DFP's (Defensive Fighting Position) to cover ourselves. We fired upon hundreds of zombies over the coarse of a few hours. We were soon running low on ammo, so we returned to the armory to gather some, when we met with a HERC officer.

" What are you doing? "

" We're just picking up some ammo for our sniper rifles, Sir. "

" Negate that. Your new orders are to manage the survivors, they are acting suspicious. Report anything that happens to me immediately. I will be in my office. "

We obeyed his orders, and traded our sniper rifles for some M4's. We moved out onto the field and stood watch. The survivors were getting a grip on the apocalypse, and became more social towards each other. They were acting like a community, forged together by a tragic virus. They laughed, they played, it seemed they had forgotten the decomposing monstrosities outside the walls.

A new survivor with a few weapons came on the field. He was complaining about the relocation of his wife, and found her bag. Then another survivor came up to him, and they whispered for a few minutes. One of them went to the restrooms, a few minutes later, the other one followed. I used my radio and ordered Pvt. Ramirez, stationed in the bathrooms, to investigate. A few minutes later, he reported they had disappeared.

I immediately ordered the squad on high alert, and I ran to the HERC Officer's office. When I entered, I saw three HERC scientists dead, including the officer. All the weapons, and equipment had been looted. A page from a note pad had been torn. I exited the office and searched for Major Richards. I found him, and reported what happened. He told me to round up the two survivors who went in the two bathrooms for interrogation.

I entered the bathrooms, and searched for the survivors. Both were empty, however a door leading to maintenance tunnels was open. I turned on my flashlight, and scanned through the tunnels. I found no traces of any of them, eventually I ended up in the sewers. I continued walking until I found a beam of light entering. A pothole had been moved, I quickly climbed up the ladder, and saw the new survivor running down, and killing zombies. They had escaped.

Eventually the survivors were moved to the docks to be shipped away to a safer area. The Government had announced only 40 days left for any remaining survivors to arrive to Union City and board the boats. I was sent to a checkpoint to protect against zombies, and investigate incoming survivors for infection, or hostile intentions. However, while I was guarding the checkpoint, a disaster happened at the Stadium. I wouldn't find out until I would return.

The Stadium was abandoned, the military fortifications were blown to pieces. Hundreds of zombies were roaming the streets chewing away at the fresh corpses of military soldiers. The Central Government Communications Uplink (CG-CU) was gone. In it's usual location lied Major Richards, dead. Everyone had left, and the place was a complete mess. With the CG-CU gone, and Major Richards dead. There was no leadership, our forces had officially been beaten down, and dissolved into survivors on our own.

The HERC OutpostEdit

I still had my entire squad still intact, still awaiting my orders. We walked from the Stadium to Uptown, where we found a HERC Outpost. They allowed us to stay in a sectioned off barracks area away from their research. We ate some food, and checked our weapons for the next day. I volunteered to protect the outpost, however they declined, and only allowed us to stay in the sectioned area. I read a book called Defcon Force for a few days while I relaxed.

A week passed as we sat around doing nothing. The lights of the city had all faded away and it became darker during the nights. We stayed in our tent while a generator powered the outpost. We discussed possible strategies for eliminating the zombies. I shot a few rounds at a target practice station while I was here. When I was done, a HERC scientist came up and demanded we arrive for experimentation tomorrow.

When I woke up, the camp was in ruins. All the guards, and scientists had been killed, and a gate leading to the experimentation site had been kicked open. Curious, I went inside, and gazed in horror. Piles upon piles of corpses in trash bags were stacked up together. Their blood oozed down, like they were butchered to pieces. I entered a research tent, to find an empty cage, with the keys missing. Someone had raided the outpost.

We left the camp, occasionally seeing helicopters. We used binoculars to look at some of them, they had HERC markings. Eventually, the same helicopters would come back, loaded with troops. HERC had given up, and was pulling out from Union City. Our best option was to get to the docks while their was still time. As we walked east, we heard faint explosions in the distance. The closer we got, the louder they were. When we arrived at the docks, all the boats were destroyed, or hidden away at Union Island.

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