After years, there's finally been sign of activity. I'll leave it to you whether I'm talking about the game or myself.

Those of you who've happened to look at Con Artist Games' Twitter page past the start of May probably already know this, but The Last Stand: Aftermath is now on Steam. Still no word on when exactly it's going to start Early Access, but they're intending to finish it in mid-2021 and release the full game in the same year. It's not free to play like the previous games, unfortunately, but it looks pretty interesting so far.

To commemorate this, I'm changing the poll (most important weapon stat) on the front page, which has run for 1.5 years now. Out of 57 votes:

  1. Damage, to take down zombies quickly - 34
  2. Range, to pick off targets from afar - 8
  3. Attacks per Second, to share more lead more quickly - 6
  4. Noise, to stay discreet - 5 votes
  5. Other/I don't know - 3 votes
  6. Capacity, to kill more before reloading - 1 vote

Looks like one shot, one kill is the desired outcome for most voters. Might I suggest a MSR-82?

The new poll will be related to the situation of the playable characters in Aftermath: What will you do if you're infected?

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