You may have seen this banner appearing around the wiki:

Fandom migration message.png

This is because our landlords (FANDOM, formerly known as Wikia) have begin moving domain names of wikis from "" to "".[1] This all stems from the creation of the "FANDOM" brand, first announced in January 2016 and gradually beginning to push out the Wikia name. As of today, January 22, 2019, they've migrated us to the new domain name (without asking us, of course).

The reaction has been mixed. Some are supportive of the change, many are not. Many people are more annoyed with the other things FANDOM has been doing, like the infamously annoying "Fan Feed", "Trending Articles" with clickbait titles, and outright malicious advertisements including fullscreen autoplaying video ads. At least one wiki has left the platform entirely.

I'm personally opposed to this change; however, this post isn't about that. This post is to clarify what this means for us, and what this means for you as well.

The name

We are still going to be called "The Last Stand Wiki", and that will not change. We have no reason to change the name. Although we have sometimes been called "The Last Stand Wikia", we do not like this name and would rather be called "The Last Stand Wiki" or "The Last Stand Wiki on Wikia".

Although our new address will be "", this doesn't mean the name of our wiki will change. It will still be "The Last Stand Wiki", and you can additionally call us "The Last Stand Wiki on Wikia". However, please do not call us "The Last Stand Fandom" as this is not our name. The word "fandom" doesn't outline our purposes and goals and implies that we are an entertainment website for fans to congregate in; our main mission is to provide and maintain an encyclopedia of content relating to The Last Stand series. While we do have social features to allow fans to mingle in, they're not the primary scope of the wiki.

The URLs

Although the new URL will be "", FANDOM has told us that all old links will continue to work,[2] so there is no need to hurriedly change all your links to our site. "" and "" will still continue to work and will redirect appropriately.

In addition, you may have noticed about a month ago that our wiki URL was changed from "" to "", apparently without even notifying us.[3] I just tested and "" properly redirects to "", our current address, so you should not have to worry about old links breaking (yet; I don't trust FANDOM).

Our goals

We're still going to be that encyclopedia of knowledge that you've come to know and depend on for years now, and we have absolutely no plans on deviating from that. We will always have the articles and the wealth of knowledge available to you, and we're still the wiki looking for new editors to be bold and help us improve our articles. That isn't going away, and we have no reason to change any of this.

Final thoughts

This will probably surprise a lot of the readers that have come to know us for years now, but rest assured that we're still the same old "The Last Stand Wiki" after this URL change. The Last Stand Wiki will always be here for the The Last Stand community, and it will always focus on being the freely editable wiki that aims to first and foremost provide accurate information relating to the series. That has always been—and will always be—number one priority for us, no matter what FANDOM does to us.


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