So guys, since some clothing articles are barely looked at (by editors and viewers alike), I propose we create more outfit pages and merge individual pages associated with that. More so the Military outfit, the HERC outfit and the Survivor Outfit. The article should include the individual items' Small intro, Description, How to Obtain, Effect(s), and the background should be at the top of the entire article.

The Military Outfit is currently under construction and can be found here. Please don't change the {{PAGENAME}} template, if the article does get created, we won't need to change it again.

Alright, after some thinking and stuff, I've found what should be done. As K6ka says, this idea is like a more complicated disgamb page. For the Military and HERC pages, we will keep it as a long page that ONLY include the background of the uniform and a short blurb for each item. {{Main}} templates will be used.

For the Survivor Outfit, I think every part of it should merge in with the outfit article since it doesn't have an effect on game-play.

It's currently 6:30 AM and it's my birthday, so I hope I you guys know what I mean.

User:OrangeSkittles/SurivorOutfitSandbox is currently in development, I hope someone can add in the TBAs and add the picture icon stuff.

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