So, I have collected the pages this wiki could use some help on. But first, you might want to visit the Community-Corner. These pages needed minor help.

The Vintage update has left these pages in need of some changes (update with new level and stats).

I've compiled a list of weapons, more so firearms, that need pictures.
Seeing how much you love this (not at all), I've added the "in action" list again, so here it is.


Other Images

  • Submachine Guns


  • Have a link to the Passive/Active Gear category on ALL gear pages
  • Glasses could include people wearing other variants


We need images for these locations.

Clothing and books

Most UC clothing and UC books are currently branded with a stub tag, try your best to fill the articles.

If any link is broken, please contact me.

Please note, this page may be outdated or have some things missing.

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