The Vegetable Garden is a production structure featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


A small food crop that will help provide additional food.


The Vegetable Garden generates Food, which is stored in the Garden until it reaches full capacity. Once it reaches full capacity, production is stopped and will not resume until the Food is collected. Once collected, it will be added to the compound's stock of Food. Upgrades to this structure improve its temporary storage capacity and production speed.


  • Outdoor placement only.
  • Can be scavenged from during raids.
  • Occupies area of 4x4 squares bordered by walking area.
  • Collecting from this structure when at full capacity has a chance of providing extra resources.

Upgrade Levels

Upgrade Level Materials Needed Buildings Required Time Taken Effect
Level 1 25 Wood
25 Cloth
Level 1 Food Storage
Level 2 Workbench
5 Minutes Produces 1 unit of Food per hour, up to 4 units
Low Cover
Level 2 60 Wood
60 Cloth
15 Nails
Level 1 Construction Yard
Level 1 Engineering Bench
2 Hours 30 Minutes Produces 1 unit of Food every 45 minutes, up to 8 units
Moderate Cover
Level 3 155 Wood
155 Cloth
15 Nails
5 Wires
Level 2 Construction Yard 12 Hours Produces 1 unit of Food every 30 minutes, up to 12 units
Moderate Cover
Level 4 385 Wood
385 Cloth
15 Nails
10 Wires
Level 3 Construction Yard 1 Day Produces 1 unit of Food every 26 minutes and 40 seconds, up to 18 units
Moderate Cover
Level 5 965 Wood
965 Cloth
30 Nails
10 Wires
Level 4 Construction Yard 2 Days Produces 1 unit of Food every 25 minutes, up to 24 units
Moderate Cover
Level 6 2,415 Wood
2,415 Cloth
45 Nails
10 Wires
Level 5 Construction Yard 5 Days Produces 1 unit of Food every 22 minutes and 30 seconds, up to 32 units
Moderate Cover
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