The Venom MP93R/Venom-MP[n 1] is a machine pistol featured in The Last Stand: Union City and The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

Common traitsEdit

  • Low/Medium Damage
  • Medium Accuracy
  • 3-Round Burst Fire
  • 20-Round Magazine
  • Reloads Quickly


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Main article: Venom-MP (TLS:DZ)

This souped-up M9 features an accurate 3-round burst fire mode, which can easily land multiple triple-taps in a quarter-sized circle, albeit only at short range. Unfortunately, this was too poisonous for the US government's liking, prompting gun laws to prevent its circulation there.

Equipped in limited numbers by some law enforcement branches.


  • The Venom MP93R is named the Beretta M93R in real life; the "Venom" is fictional, and the "MP93R/MP" is a short form of the weapon's German designation (Machinen Pistole 93 Runden). Only a handful of M93Rs were legally imported to the US, which may explain why it is only available through the Survival Kit in TLS:UC.
  • The real life M93R has a foregrip that makes it easier to control the recoil. This is present on the weapon's model in TLS:UC but as a purely cosmetic feature, whereas the TLS:DZ version does not possess it at all.


  1. It is known as the Venom MP93R in TLS:UC, and Venom MP in TLS:DZ.


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