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Voices are a feature in The Last Stand: Dead Zone that allow the voices of the survivors to be heard by the player. Voices can be enabled or disabled via the "Settings" menu, and is enabled by default. If voices are disabled, the player will see speech bubbles instead.

Details[edit | edit source]

The voices of each individual survivor can be modified in the Survivor Menu by selecting a survivor and selecting "Edit Survivor" at the bottom left. Players can choose up to four different voices for males and three different voices for females. Each voice has different dialogue for the same situation. If voices are disabled in the game settings, the voice the player chooses will determine the dialogue that is selected for the speech bubbles.

Players can preview a voice that they have selected by clicking on the small "Play" button (►).

Voice previews[edit | edit source]

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  • Voice 1
    • "Ugh, son of a bitch!"
    • "Consider it done."
    • "Jeez, that was insane!"
  • Voice 2
    • "Better move those legs."
    • "I just had to get out of bed this morning."
    • "Bring the pain!"
  • Voice 3
    • "I got some more where that came from!"
    • "I'm on my way."
    • "Ugh, it looks bad, hold on!"
  • Voice 4
    • "Wait... do you hear rustling?"
    • "That could have been a lot worse."
    • "Ugh, they're everywhere!"
  • Voice 1
    • "It won't make it."
    • "There's some good stuff here."
    • "Gotcha!"
  • Voice 2
    • "Moving out."
    • "Hold tight, I'll fix you up."
    • "Oh, hell yeah!"
  • Voice 3
    • "Oh man... that was close!"
    • "Ugh, damn. Useless."
    • "Need a little help here!"

List of voice actors[edit | edit source]

Several voice actors were used, although only three have been officially listed.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Survivors will not say anything, be it via an audible voice or speech bubbles, if they are the only ones assigned to a mission.

References[edit | edit source]

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