Water Cooler Bottle
Water Cooler Bottle

+10 Water

The Water Cooler Bottle is an item that provides water in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


Large water cooler bottle.


In many offices and social hangouts, a water cooler is a favorite place to gather and socialize. While many modern water coolers are hooked directly to the water supply, the traditional water cooler has a large, 19 L (5 US Gallons) bottle full of water attached on top of it. Water was pulled into the machine via gravity, where it was cooled and made ready for the next employee that wanted a refreshing drink. While the electricity required to chill the water is long gone, the water is still drinkable, so you might want to take that bottle and put it to good use.

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit

It provides +10 Water, the largest amount of any item in the game. They can be found in water coolers, usually found in offices and the office-section of other buildings, such as the Police Station.


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