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Weapons are items featured in all installments of The Last Stand series.


Any device used to inflict damage or harm other things are called weapons. Not surprisingly, this description implies that any object can be used as weapons. While weapons have varied greatly over the centuries, with some being built for the purpose and others pure coincidence, the purpose of a weapon is simple — to harm, and to kill.

Weapons and the materials to make them can be found anywhere, everywhere, anytime.

The Last StandEdit

Weapons can be found by investing time into scavenging. Jack can equip up to two weapons per night, and can switch between the two by pressing the Spacebar.

There are a total of 11 usable weapons in the game, not including the unnamed pistol some companions use.

The Last Stand 2Edit

The same as the first game, except that the amount of weapons found depends on the location that is searched. In addition, survivor companions can be given weapons to replace the default gun they use.

The Last Stand: Union CityEdit

In The Last Stand: Union City, weapons can mainly be obtained from scavenging or lucky drops. Weapons are used to dispatch both zombies and hostile humans. They can be given to a companion if needed.

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit

The Last Stand: Dead Zone features the largest collection of weapons in the series to date, with over 150+ weapons as of September 2015. Many weapons from previous games were carried over, and even more new weapon types were released.

Weapons are assigned or equipped for use as offensive or defensive weapons. Offensive weapons are brought along on missions and raids, while defensive weapons are used for zombie compound horde attacks and defending against raids.

Weapons can either be melee, in which the survivor must be near the enemy to attack, or ranged, where survivors can attack the enemy at a distance. Ranged weapons will always use ammo, whereas melee weapons will not.

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