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Weighing Scales

The Last Stand: Dead Zone


Research Component

The Weighing Scales is a research component in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


A refined set of scales used for measuring balance.


The act of measuring weight has been used for thousands of years, often by merchants to ensure a fair transaction between merchant and customer. Traditional balance scales, where objects were placed on one pan and known weights on the other until equilibrium was reached, have been recorded in ancient Chinese and Egyptian history. Since then, mechanical, spring-based scales and digital, electronic scales have been developed to simplify the weighing process; simply placing any object on the scale would almost immediately indicate the weight of it. Weighing scales have been used in almost all aspects of human life, from factories to transportation, from kitchens to bathrooms, from laboratories to obsessed weight-losers.

Both mechanical and digital scales may be sold in household equipment stores, while balance scales can be easily made at home with the right mathematical knowledge.

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