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The Last Stand: Union City, The Last Stand: Dead Zone




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The Whisk is a junk item in The Last Stand: Union City and The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


The Last Stand: Union CityEdit

For whisking things.

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit

A wire whisk.


Smooth, airy mixtures are a delight to any baker, and many dessert recipes call for them. Whisks are best suited for this task, consisting of a handle with loops attached to the end, forming a "balloon". Whisking or whipping mixtures involves fast, strong, and rapid movements, forcing air into the mixture, making it light and smooth. Eggs and cream are commonly whipped up using a whisk to make meringue and whipped cream, respectively. Whisks are generally best suited for less viscous mixtures, as whisks can easily be bent out of shape if the viscosity is too great.

Found in cookware stores or wherever desserts/pastries are made.

Recycling productsEdit

How to obtainEdit

The Last Stand: Union CityEdit

There are no set locations for the Whisk to be found in. Having a low searching skill may assist in finding one.

The Last Stand: Dead ZoneEdit


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