Whistler's forest on map sdw

Whistler's Forest on the Union City map, to the west of Pinedale (which is the light-grey area on the right).

Whistler's Forest is a location featured in The Last Stand: Union City. It can only be accessed after purchasing the Survival Kit, and along with the Stadium, has a danger level of 10 (the fifth highest in the game).

It is an area, as the name suggests, with a forest reserve and a few houses—the typical small town community.

Interactable AreasEdit

The Road Out Town (Highway)Edit

  • You won't see any zombies, NPCs or houses, so just keep walking.

Highway (continuation)Edit

The MechanicEdit


  • 3/3 Gallons of Gas (quest item, not the ammo type)
  • 1/1 Socket Set
  • 1/1 Fan Belt

Reward: $500

The items can be found in homes on the last two streets, but be careful when you complete the quest: talk to Jeb, but stay close to him, since he and his brother Paul will start shooting at you because they're actually bandits. They are armed with an Ambrose Shotgun and a Death Adder .45 respectively, so be quick. After killing the two, talk to Clarence and Fern and they'll thank the player for saving their lives because they were captured and held hostage by Paul and Jeb. You'll then receive the cash reward.

Reserve EntranceEdit


You have been warned!

Fourth StreetEdit

  • Just walk through, there will be some zombies though.

Town RoadEdit

Main StreetEdit

Lisa gives you a quest:

Into The WildsEdit

The map is located below (click to enlarge):

Whistler's Forest Nature Reserve map

Reward: Hell Slinger


You'll need to enter the forest and follow this path.

Whistler's Forest Into The Wilds
Whistler's Forest Into The Wilds

Whistler's Forest Into The Wilds

Alternate route to get to the cabin. Video by Joe DF (Joe2MICROBIN)

Problems playing this file? See media help.
  1. Enter the reserve.
  2. Go left until you find the first path with an arrow that goes up.
  3. Keep walking left until you find a pond, go right of that pond.
  4. Go right and enter the first path you find, keep to the right until you find the old fence. Go to the right of the fence.
  5. Go left and enter the third path (it has an arrow pointing up). Keep walking left until you find a stick with a red can.
  6. Enter the path to the right of the stick and can (also an arrow pointing up). Go this way, go left and you'll find the cabin where Terry is hiding.
  7. To exit the forest, you'll have to follow the directions given in the map (link above), since there is no defined path for exiting. Just keep trying carefully; if you find yourself going in circles, you are doing something wrong.

Philip gives you a quest:

Blood SamplesEdit

Whistler's Forest Blood Samples
Whistler's Forest Blood Samples

Whistler's Forest Blood Samples

Alternate route to complete the Blood Samples quest. Video by Joe DF (Joe2MICROBIN)

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  • 4/4 Blood Samples

Reward: Key for the Medical Clinic office near the HERC Outpost in Uptown.

Said office contains 2 Be Prepared, a Wild Man, a Jacked Up, and a Businessman skillbook as well as 2 Medkits, 2 Pain Pills and Bandages. Desk drawer has $800.

You should be able to get the samples from the bodies in the forest, just look everywhere.


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