Entrance to the reserve.

The Whistler's Forest Nature Reserve is a nature reserve located in Whistler's Forest, a section of Union City in The Last Stand: Union City, only available upon purchase of the Survival Kit. The entrance is in the middle of a dirt road called the Reserve Entrance, which is the third area in Whistler's Forest.

The reserve plays a crucial role in the "Into The Wilds" quest, as it is where Terry Granger can be found, and where the blood samples for the "Blood Samples" quest can be found as well. 

However, players must beware of entering, as its confusing paths may find themselves lost deep in the woods.


There are six different sections of the reserve which can be explored. Each section has a unique set of landmarks (pictured in the gallery below) which can be used to easily mark the area.

  • First section when entering - a pile of large rocks to the left of a path (arrow pointing down) marks the exit. Also contains a tent with a bag containing some 7.62mm, .45 Cal, and 9mm ammo, and 2 of the bodies with blood samples each. There is also a barrel which can be used as a landmark.
  • Second section - a rusty fridge which contains a Sharpened Machete and Arrows, and one body with a blood sample.
  • Third section - one body with a blood sample.
  • Fourth section - nothing of note, except for the stick with the can.
  • Fifth section - a footlocker containing an M4A1 and some 5.56 mm ammo. The footlocker was parachuted in by the military, as it is called a "Military Drop Box". There is also the old wooden fence, the small pond, and a body with a blood sample left of the pond.
  • Sixth section - Terry's log cabin. Outside the cabin is a metal box containing nothing of note, barring lucky/skilled finds. The cabin contains Terry Granger, who is an NPC, Jacked Up and Wild Man skillbooks, plus some cash.



You have been warned!

The forest reserve is a complex and puzzling series of winding dirt paths and thick, seemingly never-ending brush and foliage. Exploring the reserve will leave the player lost and disoriented extremely easily.

Players venturing into the reserve in Survivor mode are advised to stock up on adequate food supplies and No Zzz pills before entering.

Use the map (located below, click to enlarge) to navigate the reserve. Be sure to note whether the arrow of the path points UP or DOWN, as this also affects where it leads to. Also use the many physical landmarks in the woods as a guideline to track your movement.

Whistler's Forest Nature Reserve map

To find Terry's cabin, follow these directions CAREFULLY:

Whistler's Forest Into The Wilds
Whistler's Forest Into The Wilds

Whistler's Forest Into The Wilds

Alternate route to get to the cabin. Video by Joe DF (Joe2MICROBIN)

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  1. Enter the reserve.
  2. Go left until you find the first path with an arrow that goes up.
  3. Keep walking left until you find a pond, go right of that pond.
  4. Go right and enter the first path you find, keep to the right until you find the old fence. Go to the right of the fence.
  5. Go left and enter the third path (it has an arrow pointing up). Keep walking left until you find a stick with a red can.
  6. Enter the path to the right of the stick and can (also an arrow pointing up). Go this way, go left and you'll find the cabin where Terry is hiding.
  7. To exit the forest, you'll have to follow the directions given in the map (link above), since there is no defined path for exiting. Just keep trying carefully; if you find yourself going in circles, you are doing something wrong.


  • The reason why the reserve was made so confusing to explore was probably to recreate the confusing and disorienting nature of forest wilderness in real life, forcing players to track their movements carefully, and to use the landmarks as a guideline.


Below are the landmarks in the nature reserve.

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