White Flag
White Flag

The Last Stand: Dead Zone




Disables Player vs Player Raiding



Slot lockout

3 Days - cannot be re-equipped for 3 days after the book is un-equipped

White Flag is a General book featured in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


"Establish that you want no part of conflict in whatever manner you can. Raise your white flag high."


Whether you're a pacifist, lack the resources and/or manpower, or just not in the mood for a fight, this book is for you. "White Flag" covers all kinds of techniques used throughout humanity's existence to avoid getting involved in violent conflicts, from the classic white flag to bribery to a friendly game of soccer.

Let everyone know that you are not an ally nor an enemy.

How to obtainEdit

  • A copy can be purchased from The Store for 1,250 Fuel.


The book effectively disables Player Vs. Player Raiding. Other players cannot initiate raids on any compounds with this book equipped, and compounds with this book equipped cannot raid other compounds, as a consequence.

The book can be equipped indefinitely; however, if the book is un-equipped, it cannot be equipped again for three days, leaving the player vulnerable to raids during this period.

There is a bug with raiding practice mode, in which any protection given by this book will be lost after the player initiates a practice raid on their compound. The book must be un-equipped and reequipped in order for protection to be restored.


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