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XP is a character statistic in The Last Stand: Union City and The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

The Last Stand: Union City[]

It is gained by killing zombies, searching containers, completing quests and attaining achievements.

Gaining enough XP will cause the player's character to level up, which refills the character's health bar and gives them one attribute point and 10 skill points that can be spent wherever the player chooses.

Characters will not gain XP from killing zombies if the danger level of the area they are in is at least 10 levels lower than their character's level.[n 1]

XP does not roll over to the next level if received from achievements. Killing zombies or completing quests should resolve the issue.

The Last Stand: Dead Zone[]

Xp facebookpic.jpg

It is gained by killing zombies, successfully scavenging containers, successfully accomplishing tasks or achievements, constructing or upgrading buildings and clearing junk piles from the compound. The amount of XP gained from killing zombies and scavenging containers depends on the mission/horde level, as well as the zombie type. XP will not be awarded to survivors who partake in missions that are 10 levels below their survivor level.[1]

XP gained during missions is only awarded to the survivors present in that mission, while XP gained from clearing junk piles is only awarded to survivors present at the compound. XP gained from accomplishing achievements, collecting rewards from completed tasks and completion of building construction/upgrades is granted to all survivors, regardless of where they are. Leaders are the only exception to these rules; they will always receive the displayed amount of XP no matter where they are.

Gaining enough XP will cause the survivor(s) to level up, which increases their attributes depending on which class they are, as well as allowing them to use higher level weapons and gear. Leaders also get one attribute point, which can be spent wherever the player chooses.

Action XP
Scavenging Horde Level x 2
Shambling Zombie Killed Horde Level - 1
Dog Zombie Killed Horde Level - 1
Fat Zombie Killed Horde Level - 1
Running Zombie Killed Horde Level + 1
Scientist Zombie Killed Horde Level - 1
Police/Military Zombie Killed (Horde Level - 1) x 2
HERC Zombie Killed (Horde Level - 1) x 3
Bruiser/Riot Zombie Killed (Horde Level - 1) x 4

Rested XP[]

When Rested XP is active (indicated by a small arrow over the XP bar in the top left), all XP gains (except those from completing tasks and achievements) are doubled. It will remain active until it provides a maximum of 50% of the Leader's current XP level, e.g. Rested XP will remain active until 500 XP is earned, should the Leader have 1,000 XP. Once the Rested XP has expired, it only becomes active again should the player remain away from the compound for 8 hours. Logging in before then will reset the timer.[n 2]



  1. The highest level location is Union Island, which is level 25. Thus the maximum level obtainable is level 30.
  2. If the player does not gain enough XP for Rested XP to expire, and then logs out and logs back in 8 hours later, Rested XP will be extended to the appropriate amount, plus the portion that was not used up.