Z-Mas Tree Branch
The image for Z-Mas 2013/2014

Z-Mas Tree Branch 2015
The image for Z-Mas 2015
Z-Mas Tree Branch 2017
The image for Z-Mas 2017
Z-Mas Tree Branch 2018
The image for Z-Mas 2018

Z-Mas Tree Branch

The Last Stand: Dead Zone



The Z-Mas Tree Branch is a component in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. It is only available during the Z-Mas event.


Branches of a tree sturdy enough to withstand decoration overload.


A branch is the part of a tree where leaves grow. Large branches are known as boughs and small branches are known as twigs. The ones used to put rope swings or where birds built their nests are needed to hang your Z-Mas decorations, but since most of the vegetation is dead, like everything around Union City, or in a state of decay, make sure the branches are strong enough to hold whatever decorations you put.

Present in any tree.

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