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A walking zombie

"...people just... started killing each other. The ones they killed didn't stay dead."
Jackson Hall

Zombies, or Infected, are the main antagonists in The Last Stand series. They appear to have lost all sense of humanity and only their most basic instincts remain, with the addition of a desire for feeding on the living. It is unclear what caused the outbreak, but it was most likely caused by some kind of infection, transmitted by human or animal bites. Most people who have been bitten by zombies also turn into zombies themselves, explaining why the phenomenon spread so rapidly. Brutal attempts to contain the epidemic, including carpet bombing of infected areas and execution of civilians, have proved ineffective in preventing the spread of the disease.

Common traits[]

All zombies are restricted to melee combat, as they lack the necessary intelligence to use projectile weapons. Once they reach melee range, however, they are typically capable of immediately killing most people with a single bite, which will turn their victim into another zombie. Even those that are immune can be overwhelmed by the zombie's strength, which allows them to harm even those wearing a full set of body armor.

Zombies rely on sight and sound to find their targets, and will simply wander around if not alerted. Once they are, however, they will pursue the survivor that alerted them unless the survivor evades them without making any noise or they're distracted by another survivor who's either closer, attacking them, or is making more noise. In The Last Stand Dead Zone, most zombies seem to still have relatively undamaged skin despite being there several years after the outbreak. This implies that when the infection took over the victims' bodies, the process of decomposition was mostly, if not completely halted.

Zombies tend to congregate in groups if they haven't encountered a survivor yet, and will generally attack as part of that group once they're alerted.

In The Last Stand: Union City, Walking, Running, Fat and Armored zombies can occasionally grab the player, immobilizing them and causing small amounts of damage until either the zombie or the player is killed, or the player presses either the A or D keys enough times to shove the zombie off.

Zombies will always take the shortest path towards a survivor they're alerted to, and will smash through or go around any obstacles in their path, if possible. In The Last Stand: Union City, however, they will climb over barricades and obstacles instead of battering at them. Zombies in The Last Stand: Dead Zone will only attack obstacles that are destroyable, such as a Small Barricade.



Walking zombies are the stereotypical slow and stupid zombies which ignore all pain and injury. They are featured in all installments of The Last Stand series. They will simply walk towards any living person and attempt to attack them. What they lack in quality, however, they make up for in quantity, and they may distract survivors from other, more dangerous zombie types.

Some walking zombies move faster than other walking zombies, but not as quickly as runners. They are otherwise identical to other walking zombies. Conversely, in The Last Stand: Dead Zone, some limp rather than walk, making them even slower than other walking zombies. However, they do slightly more damage.


A running zombie.

These zombies behave much in the same way as Walking zombies and are indistinguishable in appearance, but sprint towards survivors instead of walking. This makes them a high priority target, as they can build up quickly if left unchecked, allowing them to overwhelm a barricade or individual survivors.

They begin appearing in Level 3+ hordes in The Last Stand: Dead Zone and have less health than Walking zombies.

Infected HERC Scientists[]

HAZMAT-suited HERC scientist zombies are introduced in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. They appear in Level 6+ hordes and are identical in stats and behavior to regular walking/running zombies.


These zombies are similar to Walking and Running zombies, but are much fatter, allowing them to take more damage before they die. The upside is that the extra fat makes them a much larger target and they move slightly slower due to their increased weight, though running fat zombies do exist.

Fat zombies never appear in SWAT or Military armor. This is most likely due to the fact that people in those professions have to be physically fit. Fat zombies are never turned into Crawlers by explosives; instead, they will die instantly.

They begin appearing in Level 6+ hordes in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.


A crawler.

Crawlers are created through explosions in The Last Stand 2, and occasionally spawn in The Last Stand: Union City. They move and strike faster than Walking zombies, and can often be difficult to see, especially when there are lots of corpses on the ground or when there's a foreground object in the way. They can also be run past, unlike most zombies.

Dogs []

Zombie dogs are very fast and can be difficult to hit, as they are much lower to the ground. They can easily overwhelm a barricade or a group of survivors if not dealt with quickly. They also attack much faster than other zombies, quickly draining a barricade's durability or a survivor's health. Their weakness is their low health, making them an annoyance at best to a skilled survivor.

In The Last Stand: Union City, they cannot be knocked or shoved back, necessitating the player to kill them in order to get them out of the way.

They were introduced to The Last Stand: Dead Zone after the 1.04 patch on May 7, 2012 and start appearing in Level 3+ hordes. They can alert other zombies with their barking once they themselves are alerted, which is also easier to do.

In all games, they are generally depicted as rottweilers covered in blood, as suggested by Jack's diary. In The Last Stand: Dead Zone, some dogs will be German shepherds instead of rottweilers.[confirmation needed]


Armored Zombies wear kevlar vests, which protects them from melee attacks and most projectiles, including assault rifle rounds. Their head and legs are usually not protected, though some wear helmets, forcing the player to shoot at the legs or at the unprotected face.

Generally, these zombies do not run, but have been seen to do so occasionally, making them very dangerous enemies, especially if they are carrying weapons. It should be noted that explosives will penetrate their armor, as will rifles in The Last Stand: Union City.

In The Last Stand: Dead Zone, they take damage normally, but are the most durable zombie type and give additional XP upon death. They are divided into three types: Police (Level 13+), Military (Level 14+) and HERC (Level 18+), in order of appearance. Police and Military zombies are equal in durability and XP, but HERC zombies are higher on both counts.


Weapon Zombies are present in The Last Stand, The Last Stand 2 and The Last Stand: Union City. They typically carry a melee weapon, though zombies carrying firearms have been sighted. As zombies lack the required intelligence to properly use the latter, however, they've been exclusively used as bludgeons. The weapons may have frozen in their hands due to rigor mortis.

On certain days in The Last Stand, a zombie will carry a firearm that can be scavenged for use afterwards. They have the same stats and do not behave any differently than their base type. They are, in order of appearance:

  • Day 3: A Fat Police Zombie carrying a .357 Magnum.
  • Day 6: A Fat Biker Zombie carrying a Shotgun.
  • Day 17: An Army Zombie carrying a M4A1.

In The Last Stand 2, Walking, Running, Fat and Armored zombies can carry a variety of melee weapons, allowing their strikes to instantly kill any survivor (except Jack) behind the barricade if they're directly in front of them. They begin appearing in locations after Glendale.

In The Last Stand: Union City, the same zombie types as in TLS2 can carry melee weapons, though their effect is toned down to simply causing more damage. They begin appearing in areas after Newtown, and their carried weapons cannot be looted. They can carry Machetes, Hatchets, Claw Hammers or Cleavers.

Weapon zombies return in The Last Stand: Dead Zone as Elite infected.


A Riot zombie

A Riot zombie

HERC variant

Riot zombies are a type of zombie introduced in The Last Stand: Union City. In addition to body armor, they carry riot shields that render them almost completely invulnerable to bullets. However, their shields limit their speed, making them unable to run.

They can be killed by explosives, crouching and shooting the feet, shooting the top of the head, shooting when they attack, jumping and shooting them from above, or with melee attacks to the legs. High-caliber weapons like the M24 will penetrate their kevlar armor and helmets, but not the riot shield.

In The Last Stand: Dead Zone, they lack the riot shields, making them simply an exceptionally durable Armored zombie variant that is moderately resistant to all weapons, though they still cannot run. They begin appearing in Level 25+ hordes and are distinguished from regular Police Armored zombies by their helmets with visors and slightly heavier body armor.

In addition, there are HERC variants which are even more durable and are capable of running. They are distinguished from regular Riot zombies by their forest-green camouflage and the HERC logo on their armor vest. They only appear in Level 51+ compounds, locations and Union Island.


A Sleeping zombie.

Sleeping zombies are a type of zombie introduced in The Last Stand: Union City. They lie down on the ground and appear to already be dead. However, if alerted to the player's presence, they will rise and attack. Once they have risen, they will behave like a regular zombie.

They will always be Walking, Running, or Crawler zombies, but never Fat, Riot, Armored, or Dog zombies. They will also never carry weapons, but they can drop items; therefore a body wearing an item backpack is a dead giveaway, as background corpses never wear backpacks. Sleeping zombies also lie with a stiffer body, and can be identified by this characteristic should they lack a backpack. They can be killed before they manage to stand up, and doing so 10 times will fulfill an Achievement.


A backpack zombie with a hatchet.

An example of what a backpack might contain, in this case a Military M249 SAW.

Backpack zombies are a type of zombie introduced in The Last Stand: Union City. These carry items in their backpack (determined by random chance, can be affected by the Luck stat), which are dropped when they are killed. All zombies except Crawlers and Dogs can carry backpacks.


A Bruiser

Bruiser zombies are a type of zombie introduced in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. Formerly bikers, their strength is so great that they will always knock back survivors they manage to hit. They are also more durable than most other zombies, aside from Armored and Riot zombies, and some are even capable of running, making them very dangerous enemies. They are greatly resistant to melee weapons, and begin appearing in Level 16+ hordes.


A group of Rotters

Rotter zombies are a type of zombie present in The Last Stand, The Last Stand 2 and The Last Stand: Dead Zone. They all have green skin and hollow eyes with a rotted appearance, hence the name, but are otherwise identical to their base zombie type in the first two games. They return in The Last Stand: Dead Zone, but with lesser durability than regular zombies. They can be Walking, Running or Fat zombies, as well as Armored zombies in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. They begin appearing in Level 15+ hordes.


Elite Rare HERC zombie (TLS:DZ)

Elite Unique HERC zombie with a Saw-Ax (TLS:DZ)

Elite zombies are a type of zombie present in The Last Stand: Dead Zone. Much like weapon zombies from previous games, they carry melee weapons and can either be Walking, Fat, Rotter, Riot, or Armored. They are distinguished from other zombies with a health bar (bluish-gray for Rare and orange for Unique) and an increased height, and their presence is announced by a unique sound cue and a brief screen overlay. They have greatly increased health and deal large amounts of damage, making them formidable enemies. Some of these infected are impervious to either ballistic or melee damage, but never both. Elite zombies appear at random during missions, and may be part of a horde attack, but will never appear during compound attacks or the Raid on Union Island.[1] Once killed, an Elite Box will be added to the player's inventory and will contain a certain amount of Infamous Trophies, Infamous Skulls, and/or Fuel. They begin appearing in Level 15+ hordes,[2] and will only appear in missions that are within five levels of the Leader's level.[3] There are 21 individual Elite enemies in the game.[4]


Exploding zombie (TLS:DZ)

Exploding zombies are a type of zombie present in The Last Stand: Dead Zone, and only appear in the Terror Dome. They are taller, bigger versions of rotter zombies, armed with explosives that only detonate when they are killed with firearms or explosives.[5] The resulting explosion will damage nearby survivors and zombies, making them both a threat and an unwilling ally. Whenever they spawn, a beep is heard but their explosives will not detonate on their own. 

Hordes []

Zombie rush loop

The loop that plays during a zombie rush attack in The Last Stand: Union City, and in non-severe attacks in The Last Stand: Dead Zone.

Problems playing this file? See media help.

In The Last Stand: Union City, zombies will attack in very large groups every ninety in-game minutes. If the player is outdoors, zombies will attack from the left-most side of the current area. If the player is indoors, a section of the ceiling will collapse and the zombies will attack through there. Each horde attack is preceded by an audio cue, and its own unique soundtrack plays. If the player leaves an area/room before the horde attack is complete, it will continue in the new location.

A horde attack in progress. (TLS:UC)

The number of zombies that can be involved in a horde attack is dependent on the danger level of the section of Union City the player is in. Zombie dogs, sleeping zombies, and crawlers never take part in an indoor horde attack; otherwise, what types of zombies take part in the attack solely depends on which section of the city the player is in.

In The Last Stand: Dead Zone, there are two kinds of horde attack. The first is very similar to the The Last Stand: Union City incarnation and strikes randomly during missions in the Dead Zone. It's preceded by an audio cue and the screen flashing red, while a red border appears around the screen and an alternate music track plays during the attack.[n 1] Every zombie will run towards the closest survivor and they will spawn more rapidly for the duration of the attack. The types of zombies spawned during a horde attack are random, but will always be the Running variation of their base zombie type. Normally, up to two rushes can occur during a mission,[6] but rarely a third or fourth rush may occur.[7]

The "Infected Sighted" notification, along with the options (TLS:DZ)

The other kind periodically hits the player's compound only when survivors are present and the player is tending to their compound. The player will be notified via a dialog box, and will be given the option to immediately begin the fight or get an extra three minutes to prepare. The player cannot access the city map, Alliances panel, or the Bounty Office during this time. If there are traps present, the player may choose to arm them from this dialog box.

Once the attack begins, survivors will spawn at their assigned locations and will be armed with their assigned defensive weapons and gear. In the event that either one or both have not been done, they will spawn in random locations and/or equip the weapons with the highest DPS available, not including the ones already being used in defense.

The horde's level is equal to the Leader's level, which determines the strength of the zombies. Once the 3 minute time limit has expired, zombies will stop spawning, and the player wins once all remaining zombies are eliminated. Failure will not cause any additional penalties aside from the injuries sustained and buildings destroyed.

Compound horde attacks generally occur once every 24 hours,[8] although they may occur more frequently than that. The frequency of horde attacks can be permanently reduced by researching infected management, or temporarily increased by equipping the Baiting Your Home book. Attacks can also be completely disabled temporarily by equipping the Camouflage in the Apocalypse book.

The compound horde attack can be bypassed temporarily by refreshing the game once the notification is received, then quickly accessing the city map before the compound fully loads and sending all survivors out on missions. However, this will only postpone the attack, and the dialog box will appear again as soon as survivors return home.

Special Events[]

In The Last Stand: Dead Zone, zombies with unique appearances show up alongside regular zombies during special events and holidays. This is only cosmetic, and they behave exactly the same as regular zombies.

4th of July (American Independence Day)[]

All of these zombies wear a blue and gray short-sleeved shirt with stars and red stripes on it, red and white striped pants, beards, and a top hat similar to the ones seen in depictions of Uncle Sam. They behave the same as Walking zombies and only appear during Level 4+ missions.


These zombies resemble regular zombies with normal bodies, but have Jack o'-lantern heads, complete with glowing yellow eyes. They appear during hordes normally during Halloween 2012, while they only appear with the "Jack-o-Infected" Trick that might be obtained by opening a Treacherous Trick or Treat Trunk.

Evil Pumpkin Head (Halloween 2013)[]

Evil Pumpkin Head infected have Jack o'-lantern heads with glowing red eyes and horns growing out of it. Their bodies appear to be Fat zombies with a unique blood-stained shirt and they are also larger than all other zombies. They are the target of the "Halloween Hunt!" Dead Zone task and begin appearing in Level 6+ hordes.

Berserker (Halloween 2015)[]

Special "berserker" zombies have red heads and sharp blades attached to their arms, and run very fast compared to other zombies. The blades vastly increases the damage they are able to deal, and also increases their effective range, making them formidable enemies for even heavily armored survivors. They are the target of the Mr.X's Horde community task. They start appearing in Level 4+ hordes, from South Trenton onward.[n 2]

A second variation was introduced on October 23, and are essentially berserkers clad in riot armor, sans the helmet. They cannot run, but have greatly increased durability compared to their standard counterparts.

Super Soldier (Halloween 2017)[]

Undead Super Soldiers wear an EXO suit, red-eyed gas masks, and gray uniforms. They run and attack very fast, rivaling the speed and lethality of Berserker zombies. They were added in the Undead Blitz Second Wave update and start appearing from Meadow View onward.


An exploding Santa zombie.

These zombies include common depiction of Santa Claus, namely a white-bearded plump man in a red and white tunic, pants and hat. They behave exactly the same as Fat zombies and begin appearing in Level 6+ hordes.

In the Operation Whiteout update, Santa zombies with explosives strapped to them appeared. Their presence would be announced by the jingling of bells, and would explode once killed, potentially harming any survivor that was within the radius of the blast. Just like Exploding infected from Terror Dome, they can damage nearby infected with their explosion and their explosives will not detonate if killed with melee.

Reindog (Z-Mas 2015)[]

Reindog zombies are zombie dogs with antlers and a red, "Rudolph's" nose.


Criminal zombies were introduced in the 2018 Outbreak update and consisted of zombies in orange jumpsuits and pants typically worn by prisoners. There are two variants: one wearing the full orange jumpsuit, with greatly increased damage and speed (similar to berserkers) and armed with shivs, making them very dangerous enemies; and a slower-moving zombie with orange pants and white tank tops that do not run, but deal considerable amounts of damage.


  • Civilian zombies' clothing are randomly generated and can result in hundreds of different combinations.
  • Dog zombies in the first three games are always black-furred rottweilers, while The Last Stand: Dead Zone introduced German Shepherds. More barking sounds were also added in the latter.
  • Infected soldiers in the first two games appear in plain green fatigues, while soldiers in The Last Stand: Union City and The Last Stand: Dead Zone wear desert variants. It is possible that the infected personnel in plain green fatigues are National Guard members and the desert variants are soldiers pulled out of the Middle East in response to the outbreak.


  1. The track that plays is similar to the one in The Last Stand: Union City, although the number of musical elements is scaled to the difficulty of the horde attack; less severe hordes may include only the drums, while more dangerous hordes may have an electric guitar accompaniment.
  2. Berserkers in Level 4 missions appear to be glitched, missing their red heads, bladed arms, and their bodies, but run and attack like berserkers. (Image)


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